Because our pass rate stands at 100% at whatever academic stage each student is undergoing, we believe that after three weeks of home tutoring our clients would see a noticeable change.  Either a report of great progress from the students’ classroom teacher or the head of school; highlighting great improvement in our students’ learning and academic attainment.  So, we train our tutors to give our client that boost of confidence in our delivery of academic education.

Educate-First has been running since 2010.  Since that time, we have made a mark and a change to the education of all our students.  We have delivered the best one-to-one sessions to students; in the comfort of their homes and at times at the tutors’ homes.  Knowing that the results at 7+, 11+ 13+, GCSEs or even AS and A-Levels would be the best results for the stage that the students are at.


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Our aim is to be the best around the country and maintain and keep the highest standards we are known to have.  We train each of our tutors to be the best to all their students and operate in a professional manner, that engages all their students and motivates their learning.


 Because we offer the best in our academic delivery.

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Halloween - 31st October - 1st November 2020

Christmas - 23rd - December 2019 - 3rd January 2020

Easter - 9th April -17th April 2020

Summer holidays - 1st July 2020

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A* at GCSEs:

From getting contact with us, either by telephone or by email.  You can be sure that you are in safe hands. We will give you knowledgeably information about your child’s learning and how we intend; for you to meet your child’s academic goal.

And we can guarantee you the best.

We Know Our Field

We achieve the best because out tutors go through a rigid training program, where materials and the knowledge of the syllabus of the British education system are the norm to them.  This is part of the introduction into Educate-First.  We know we are the best around and in the period, we have been around, we have made an impact to the British Education system.