Whether your child needs to catch up, keep up,

or be enriched, our team works to tailored sessions based on the current Curricular.

What we do

Other tutors go through the route of a teaching qualification and hold a Post-Graduate degree in teaching.

Our home tutoring service ensure all our tutors are DBS Cleared and graduated with a United Kingdom, first degree

In addition to our tutors holding a graduate United Kingdom, Degree.  We train our tutors in delivery, materials adaptation and in assessing each students to met his/her milestone at the end of a 6 weeks period.

Educate-First has bought an innovation to private education.  We know the benefits of one-to-one lessons and small groups tutoring.  We hold the best in this period in time, where teachers, heads of schools, parents and students have noticed the change in each of our students’ academics development.  Three weeks and we are confirming our status, reputation and our overall achievement.

We have numerous students who have gone through our system and passed the Grammar school 11+, 13+, GCSEs, AS and A-Levels.

Our guarantee to you.

Our students have gained outcomes at 11+, achieving 5a/ 6c at the National SAT 7+ exams; 2a/3c  and not to mention the A*s at GCSEs and AS and A-Levels.

Our achievements so far

Our team pool of tutors must go through training to achieve, our personal best.  Which has produce the national best pools of students in the United Kingdom.   

98% Overall grades for Grammar School Entry

We breed success in education to produce success in our students’ academics.  Only to end the results that are inevitable to our clients are what you thirst for.

50/50 Outcome in SATs 11+, achieving 5a/6c

Improve Grades

Build Confidence

Gain New Skills