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As the Summer term draws near, we are now asking all our clients to start their tutoring and start increasing the number of personal time available to your studies.  Yes in three weeks before the exam you can put all the effort you have and pay at lump sum of tuition to get the short term goal of a good success at your exams.  But why not start now and get into practise of having a tutor and doing some personal studies to give yourself that essential relax time.

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Autumn Half Term

20th of October -27th of October 2016

Halloween - 31st of October 2016

Guy Fawks Night - 5th of November 2016


“Hello, I’m James.  I went through an intensive three weeks preparation for my Grammar School Entry Exams.  I had a tutor from Educate-First and I saw the tutor for two hours a day, for a period of three weeks.  I was being tutored in English- Reading, English-Writing, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  At the end of my tutoring,I sat my Entry Exams for my chosen Grammar School and when my results came I had scored overall 98% in all the subjects I undertook.  I now attend Essex Grammar School for boys”.


From getting contact with us, either by telephone or by email.  You can be sure that you are in safe hands. We will give you knowledgeably information about your child’s learning and how we intend; for you to meet your child’s academic goal.  We assess at the initial stage of the lessons and give academic feedback and goals about your child’s achievement, at the end of the assessment.  We review the outcome of the lessons, on a three-weekly basis and work in response with the schools or colleges to achieve the very best.


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